Recipe Hunting

September 8th, 2010
There are plenty of websites with recipes but many are special occasion food only!
Often, sites will give you an option to select a type of meal, different cuisines, particular ingredients and choice of diets such as low fat, low salt, gluten-free. Some food manufacturers’ websites have sections with recipes using their products and these can be very useful but beware of other ingredients or methods which may be high fat/salt etc.
You may still need to modify your recipe to adjust it to your specific needs. Ask your Dietitian about recipe modification techniques for your type of diet.
The websites below all have healthy options to choose from…..
Use the Home Page
Pick a recipe by Meal, Ingredient, Other
 recipe hunting
Use the “Smart Eating For You” Tab
Pick your Recipe by Course, Type, Ingredient, Cuisine
Use “Recipe” Tab
Use “Recipe Finder Tab
Search for “Healthy Recipes”