Nutrition Week

September 6th, 2016

Try For 5 – Nutrition Week 2016

October 16th to 22nd is National Nutrition Week in Australia. The theme for this year is TRY FOR 5.
To quote from Nutrition Australia’s website “We all know we should eat 5 serves of vegetables a day but did you know that the average Aussie eats only half that amount?”.
Did you know its important to eat both cooked and raw vegetables in your diet? The cooking process releases some of the phytochemicals that can help prevent disease. Tomato is a good example of this where the research has found a link in helping prevent prostate cancer.
The Nutrition Australia website has lots of ideas to help you improve your vegetable intake and that of your family. There’s the Try For 5 Challenge and lots of recipes and resources to find on the site.