It Doesn’t Have To Be PERFECT

March 15th, 2011

I often have clients upset with themselves for not following my advice to the letter. A perfect diet is almost impossible to sustain long term. It isn’t very flexible, sociable or portable!

The best thing about being careful most of the time is that it allows us to eat or drink off the plan on special or unusual occasions.  Being able to get straight back to the plan once we have strayed is the key but if your ultimate goal is strong in your mind (or on paper), it will be straightforward getting back on track.

Planning for a special occasion is always helpful if you know what is coming up. Dont assume you will have a strong will once the party food comes out and especially once you have had that first drink. If you have an idea of what might be on offer and plan how you would like to manage it, you are more likely to feel in control and happy with your intake at the end of the event.

If you happen to completely stray, remember it is just a stray. The path is still nearby and when you look at your overall intake over a month, it is probably not significant. Enjoy a splurge sometimes but plan to get straight back on track.